Our Testimonials

Little Scouts is sooo good. I've thought about moving my daughter closer, but she has been doing so well there. Teachers have been there forever. The woman that runs the school is very involved and knowledgeable. It's play-based learning with the perfect balance between structure and fun. I am also an SLP and have seen several children at Little Scouts. The teachers always speak positively about the children, even then they are exhibiting challenging behaviors. They are also really open to working with therapists, should your child ever need one.

Samantha Asher, Current Parent

Little Scouts will always have a special place in our hearts.  The teachers and staff at Little Scouts truly understand what our littlest learners need to build a solid educational and social/emotional foundation.  My daughter was there for three years and would run as fast as her little legs would take her into school each day.  When we were driving up she'd exclaim "Little Scouts!" the second she saw the building come into view. By our third year, drop-offs would take a little more time because she insisted on stopping by her previous rooms to tell the teachers hi and give them hugs.  Dropping her off at school each day was easy because I knew that she was surrounded by an amazing group of people who loved her for who she was. We love Little Scouts!

Jen Thomas, Alumni Parent

Best program on the Northshore...or any shore for that matter. If you want to know where the heart of teaching and love and humanity and kindness is... it’s here.

Tori Marx, Alumni Parent