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LFHS Little Scouts Info Pack

Enrollment Packet

Class Descriptions, rate sheet, and forms

2023-2024 Calendar

We follow the LFHS 115 calendar.

Parent Handbook

A quick reference for Little Scouts philosophy and guidelines

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The Answers You Need

What are your hours of operation?

We are open 6:45 AM-5:15 PM Monday-Friday

Are you a year-round program?

We are! Our year is split into two parts, our school year program which runs August-June, and a 7 week Summer program that runs between mid-June and early August. We follow the LFHS calendar and are typically closed on the following school holidays: Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving Break, MLK Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, and The 4th Of July. In addition to the days listed, we are closed for 2 weeks for Winter Break, 1 week for Spring Break, and 1 week in August after camp ends.

Is lunch provided?

It is! We contract with a local catering company to provide nutritionally balanced hot lunch each day. Lunch is served with 2% milk.

Is Naptime Required?

Each of our classrooms is required by DCFS regulations to have a rest time. Rest time occurs after lunch, and typically is between 1 and 3 PM. Although most children do nap (especially in our younger rooms) sleeping is not required. Rest time is important to help little bodies and minds regroup from the busy morning! Each room turns off the lights, plays relaxing music, and the teachers help the children settle down for a rest.

Are there opportunities to participate in my child's classroom?

Absolutely! Here at Little Scouts, we love when our families get involved. We have a few special events throughout the year that allow for parent engagement, as well as we invite everyone to come and share their special talents or customs with Little Scouts!

How will I communicate the teachers?

The best foundation for any student is a great partnership between parents and teachers, which is why we use Brightwheel as our family communication app. This app allows us to send messages, share pictures of them learning and playing with friends, and a vehicle to share our menu, Directer's Newsletters. Our teachers work a schedule that allows them to typically be present for drop off or pick-ups and communicate with our parents and families.

What is your discipline philosophy?

The goal of discipline is to help children develop internal regulation so that they may move toward appropriate social behavior. Methods we use for resolving conflicts are; Positive guidance, Setting clear limits, and Redirection.
Our center firmly believes in redirection.  If redirection is not effective, we may ask the child to sit in a “time out” depending on the age and development of the child. If “time out” is given, the child will sit for no longer than 1 minute per year of their age, ex: if the child is 3 years old, they will sit for no longer than 3 minutes. “Time out” is given in the classroom and in clear sight of the teacher at all times.

Sample Lunch Menu

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